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Which products have pockets for a phone?Updated 5 months ago

We have many styles that feature phone pockets. You can view the "Features" tab on each product page to find out which pockets are offered for each style. Our phone pockets are designed to fit a standard phone measuring up to 6.06 inches diagonally.

The phone pocket is designed for a snug fit to prevent unwanted jostling of the phone during a run or other activity. Given the close fit, you may need to remove your phone case depending on how much this adds to the size of the phone. Once the case is removed if needed, you can insert the phone diagonally into the pocket and use the stretch of the fabric to ease the other end of the phone into the pocket until it is enclosed. Inserting diagonally allows the phone to fit into pockets with an opening that may be shorter than the full length of the phone. Please reach out to [email protected] with additional questions.

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